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How to Play Hong Kong Pools Togel Tips and Tricks

How to Play Hong Kong Pools Togel Tips and Tricks – There is one thing that is very striking, in the Hongkong Pools Togel Game in Gambling Agent when compared to Singapore Togel. In the Hong Kong Pools Togel game, Weak Merge Number Patterns or other Weak Number Formulas actually become a Number Pattern that will come out (backfire). In other words the Formulation Pattern of the Control Number becomes the opposite of the Number that will be issued.

For example “How to Play Togel Hongkong Pools Tips and Tricks”.

We take the Result 2 days before and use the Control Number Formula that is already known in the world of Pertogelan, namely:

a). N2 index n2 Kop + Head

b). Kop + Tail t2 index t2

c). As + Kop n2 index n2



(a) 567012 = JOINT WEAK 3489

(b) 987432 = JOINT WEAK 1056

(c) 123678 = WEAK JOIN 0459

Then, what came out ?? Result: 9234, formulation a) broken if further analyzed, try to examine and compare the 3 above, which one is somewhat different from each other. Surely you find the answer if you pay close attention.


If this event continues, every day there is a broken formula, when are we JP. When can we avenge all defeats. There are a few tips that might be useful from Agent Bola. What if we actually membet opposite of the Control Number. What if we instead actually made weak numbers.

Generally there are 5 sets of weak numbers, namely:
0156, 1267, 3489, 0459, 2378

From the fifth set of Weak Numbers we make LUCKY NUMBER, to become:

The numbers in the Hongkong Pools Table are in 1 week round Hong Kong Pools (7 rounds) at least 2x rotated. This means that if every day the number is set with a multiple system, no later than 3 days will come out.

See expenditure data since January 1, 2012

3151 0517 2771 2835 0478 1606 3326 ==> 6 times out of 7 rounds
4761 2693 3279 9707 8368 3526 7928 ==> 4 times out of 7 rounds
6001 2841 1933 9845 7313 9091 3297 ==> 2 times out of 7 rounds
8719 9334 4015 2489 7431 0872 1650 ==> 5 times out of 7 rounds
3928 5352 3045 7614 7226 4786 4204 ==> 4 times out of 7 rounds
1038 2601 0726 8455 4298 6415 9234 ==> 6 out of 7 rounds

Then, how do you determine which Top Betting every day? Maybe not all numbers are bet the same. One of the best ways to determine Top Bet Numbers is to use the inverse of the existing control number. Suppose you have 3 Formulas for Control Numbers, and those that become Weak Merge are 1267, 2378 and 0459. Then those numbers that have a Weak Number Pattern become the TOP BET among the other numbers.

These are just ordinary tips based on Prediction Analysis. And can be used as a comparison.
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